AEye Technologies: Elevating Neurology with AI Solutions

Pioneering Neurology with AI and transforming lives of millions impacted by neurological disorders through advanced technology, revolutionizing diagnoses, and treatments for profound impact.


Introducing our AI-based VEEG Solution! A leading Neurological Diagnostics solution that assures accurate analysis of EEG signals, creating a 3D brain model for real-time insights, precise diagnoses, and personalized treatments by leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence.


Enhanced Neurological Diagnoses

Our AI-driven VEEG platform offers deep insights into patient-specific brain patterns, enabling early detection and precise tailored treatments for better outcomes.

Personalized Treatment Plans

By Harnessing AI's Power, We Personalize Neurological Treatments. Tailored to unique brain activity, ensuring effective care, elevating quality of life, and long-term well-being.

Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility

Our AI-driven VEEG eliminates hospitalization and wet electrodes, improving patient experience, and cost-effectiveness for the affected people.

Expansion into Neurological Disorders

Our expert team actively explores AI applications in migraine, pain management, and depression to unlock new possibilities in treating diverse neurological disorders.

Collaborative Approach

Partnering with leading medical institutions and neurologists, our AI-driven solutions drive neurology innovation, aligning with cutting-edge clinical practices.

Patient-Centric Care

By offering cost-effective and accessible solutions, we prioritize patient-centric care, making a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Neurology

At AEye Technologies, we invite you to join us in an extraordinary endeavor. Our unwavering dedication to enhancing neurological care propels us to explore the boundless potential of AI-driven solutions. Together, we can forge a future where neurological disorders are met with deep comprehension, unwavering empathy, and highly effective treatment.

Contact us today to discover more about our AI-based VEEG platform and its potential to revolutionize neurological diagnosis and treatment. Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to advance the field of neurology through the implementation of advanced AI solutions!

Key Features


Tracking of human eyes and various behaviors of where the user is paying attention and examine the heatmap in real life and in real time.


Home-Based Neurological Monitoring is a reality eliminating hospital stays, reducing costs, and enhancing accessibility for a comfortable patient experience.


AI-Driven Analysis for Swift Diagnosis & Treatment is possible. Streamlined patient care, optimized resources, and addressing specialist shortages through efficient data processing.


Accurate Neurological Diagnoses, Swift Treatment Initiation, and Better Outcomes. Our VEEG platform reduces misdiagnoses, ensuring tailored treatments for improved patient care.


The potential of AI Technology is harnessed to tailor to Unique Brain Patterns. Ensures condition-specific care, empowering neurologists to deliver more effective treatments for improved patient outcomes.


Our AI algorithms thrive on Collaboration. Leading medical institutions, neurologists, and researchers unite for patient-centric care, elevating our solutions with scientific integrity.

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